The first solo album by Robert Kubiszyn.
All compositions featured on the CD are the work of the author.

This audiophile and unique project brings together musicians from the so-called elite of Polish and global jazz. They form an unparalleled team, giving the music a distinctive “color”: Mino Cinelu, Krzysztof Herdzin, Anna Maria Jopek, Gregoire Maret, Robert Majewski, Tim Miller, Henryk Miśkiewicz, Marek Napiórkowski, Adam Pierończyk, Grzegorz Turnau, Michał Dąbrówka, Cezary Konrad, Robert Luty…

The album is published and co-produced by Proa Records – an audiophile record company that is an integral part of an exclusive manufacturing facility producing speakers and speaker columns known as Proa Individual. The entire material was verified using Night de Luxe monitoring speakers and powerful mastering columns from the Arek Pruszczyński Studio Series, created specifically at the request of Robert Kubiszyn.
Proa Records & Universal Music (co-publisher)

Premiere on November 5, 2010.

Two years after the premiere of “Czas kobiety” at the Stary Theatre in Lublin, Anna Maria Jopek and Robert Kubiszyn recalled memories of collaborating with the legend of Polish theatre, Leszek Mądzik, and recorded the music they performed live every night on stage back then.

“Sensual, original, daring” – that’s how people spoke about the intriguing musical narrative accompanying Mądzik’s theatrical mystery with Jopek in the lead role. For 40 minutes on stage, not a single word is spoken. Jopek developed her own vocal language with a nod to classical and jazz music, but above all, it was subordinated to the role entrusted to her by the director. “In 40 minutes, I have to play and sing my entire life,” said AMJ – “it’s a profound experience, requiring great mental strength from me.”

The music of “Czas kobiety” is an etude on grand spaces and the simplest, elemental structures, such as voice with bass accompaniment. The collaborative work of Anna Maria Jopek and Robert Kubiszyn, a bassist with whom Jopek has been working for years, is entirely performed by this duo.

Universal Music Poland, January 12, 2018.

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